WordPress to Sitefinity Migrator

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Import Blog Posts

Automatically import all blog posts into your new Sitefinity site. All original content is preserved. Features, such as WordPress citations and other tags are rewritten to utilize Sitefinity’s out-of-the-box functionality.

All original properties are recreated on the target system: applied tags, metadata such as description, meta-tags, original publication dates and others.

You can even optionally migrate all of the original comments with their metadata, such as comment creation date, user information and others.

Import Media

Import images, videos and other attachment types. All media is transferred in its original quality and no reconversions are performed. Thumbnails are generated using Sitefinity’s built-in thumbnail generator service.

Blog posts, pages and other content linking to the media assets is adapted to use Sitefinity’s dynamic links, which keep track of the referenced item.

If you decide to move an imported media asset at a later point or change its URL, Sitefinity will update the links dynamically. No more broken URLs.

Import Pages

Transfer pages including their content and metadata while preserving the entire page hierarchy.
The content inside pages is automatically mapped to a selected template and inserted into the appropriate placeholder.
Old URLs are retained and saved as additional URLs on the content items. This vastly improves the SEO ranking by keeping the old URL structure.

Key parameters controlling content transformation, such as e.g. target template and placeholder for pages, can be chosen on a per-batch basis covering common customisation scenarios.

Optional Support for 3rd-Party Plugins

Service or Stand-alone

For clients just making the push to Sitefinity and for projects comprising complex content import requirements, we offer WordPress migration services.

A dedicated consultant will perform the work on our servers, allowing you to preview the content so you can make sure that the result works just as you wanted. Once you approve, we take care of deploying the content back to your servers.

For IT teams familiar with Sitefinity we offer the Migrator module which can be purchased as a stand-alone product.

The migrator is designed as a Sitefinity module and integrates flawlessly with the system enabling IT teams to migrate WordPress content self-sufficiently.

Designed for Performance

The process is fully automated and requires no manual effort. As such, the Migrator is especially useful in situations, where a manual transfer of content is either infeasible, or when content consistency is important which otherwise would be sacrificed through human error.
Common cases where the product is particularly useful are large WordPress blogs or clusters/collections of WordPress sites.

Real-world demonstration

The site you are browsing right now was automatically migrated from WordPress. Check out the video below, which shows how we made that happen in under 4 minutes.

California Southern Logo

Case Study: CalSouthern

See how California Southern University used our Migration Service to import a broad range of WordPress content from their pre-existing sites, retain inbound link consistency and deliver their project on time.


Full end-to-end service. We migrate, demonstrate and deploy back to your servers.



Stand-alone module. Your IT team performs the migration as often as needed.

Optional support.