Sharepoint to Sitefinity Migration

We transfer all your Sharepoint content to Sitefinity

Get your site migrated within 48 hours. Up to an unlimited number of blog posts, pages, media, taxonomies and more.

Setup- and hassle-free

There is no development or customization effort required on your end. All content is processed in our environment and shipped back to your servers after the migration process is complete. With the bundled support, we make sure everything goes to plan.

Most sites can be fully processed in under 48 hours.

Content type coverage

All source content is copied in its original form including metadata (description, publication dates, taxonomy, etc.). Features, such as citations, categories or tags are adapted to utilize Sitefinity’s out-of-the-box functionality.

Supported content types include: blog posts, pages, images, videos and other attachment types.

You can even optionally migrate all of the original comments with their metadata, such as comment creation date, user information and others.

All media is transferred in its original quality and no reconversions are performed. Thumbnails are generated using Sitefinity’s built-in thumbnail generator service.

Blog posts, pages and other content linking to the media assets is adapted to use Sitefinity’s dynamic links, which keep track of the referenced item.

If you decide to move an imported media asset at a later point or change its URL, Sitefinity will update the links dynamically. No more broken URLs.


Original content URLs are retained which vastly improves search engine ranking by keeping the old URL structure. The same applies to content metadata (tags, categories, custom fields) which is commonly used as part of up Sharepoint URLs.

This is particularly useful for content-heavy blogs or if you reach your audience organically through search results.

Our workflow

A dedicated consultant will perform the work on our servers, allowing you to preview the content so you can make sure the result works just as you wanted. Once you approve, we take care of deploying the content back to your servers, or provide instructions to your IT staff.

Our automated service is particularly useful in situations, where a manual transfer of content is either infeasible, or when content consistency is important which would otherwise be sacrificed through human error.
Common cases are large blogs or clusters/collections of sites.


Full end-to-end service. We migrate, deploy back to your servers and offer complimentary support to make sure everything goes to plan.