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  • Company: California Southern University
  • Region: California, USA
  • Industry: Education
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Our team was tasked with transferring CalSouthern’s existing web content which was created and stored on their pre-existing Wordpress instances. As part of CalSouthern’s web site relaunch it was important to retain all original metadata, referenced assets and URL structure so that all content could be reused as is with no additional manual intervention.

Due to the imminent project deadline a quick turnaround time was critical. The ability to continuously observe the migration result as it would appear on the client’s target web site was instrumental in shortening feedback loops and providing assurance without requiring any additional effort from CalSouthern’s side. Our team set up a UAT environment for the client providing them access to an exclusive Sitefinity instance which contained the latest migration output already integrated with their templates and themes. The desired outcome was achieved at the first migration round and we immediately deployed the changes upon approval.

Given CalSouthern IT team’s unfamiliarity with Sitefinity at the time, we have provided follow-up consulting and development services to make sure that the result fully matches the client’s requirements. In order to maintain its existing URL structure from the client’s prior blog for SEO and consistency reasons, we have extended and configured Sitefinity which would allow the client to have as little redundancy as possible and to enable the use of Sitefinity’s advanced capabilities.

The migration service included a broad array of content types: pages, blogs, images, tags and categories (classifications).

The Client’s Experience


We had been using WordPress for hosting all our article and blog content and need a way to migrate all the pages over to our Sitefinity CMS


We considering manually copying over all the content but were referred to Enterprisefinity as a more time effective migration option.


We were very impressed with the accuracy and speed with which the project was completed and are excited to start using all new features that are available to us now using the new CMS platform.

Personal Experience with Enterprisefinity

From start to finish our experience with Enterprisefinity has been very positive. Communication was prompt and detailed and the quality of work exceeded our expectations.

Would you recommend us to others

We would highly recommend Juri and the team at Enterprisefinity to anyone looking for a cost-effective, high-quality data migration solution.

Micah Harper – Marketing Director, California Southern University